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Jill Wettstein  •  Funky Cookie Studio
As a child, Jill loved to color inside the thick, black lines of coloring books with bright, bold colors and duplicate elements of coloring book drawings on scraps of paper with a black magic marker and crayons. Not much has changed over the years, except for her medium. Jill will be the first to admit that she does not consider herself a “baker,” but more of a cookie doodler. She will discuss adding character to cookies, how to find inspiration for cookie ideas, and how to turn various sources into do-able cookie designs. Learn more about Jill in this interview at Cookie Connection to learn more.

UPDATE: Jill will unfortunately not be joining us at CookieCon 2014 due to a death in her family. We'll miss her there for sure, and we're all wishing her the very best!
Angela Rudy  •  Oh Sugar Events
Angela has combined her background in fine arts and her love of entertaining by creating beautiful dessert tables in a wide variety of themes for all sorts of special events. Her work has been featured internationally in magazines and online publications, and at the heart of these tables are her decorated sugar cookies. With a love of design and an eye for detail, Angela will show you how to put together great looking and cohesive cookie platters, sets and spreads, as well as time saving design tricks, and tips on getting your creative juices flowing to make your cookies stand out from the crowd. Read more about Angela in this interview at Cookie Connection.
Amber Spiegel  •  SweetAmbs
While attending business school in upstate New York, Amber realized that her true passion was decorating cakes and cookies – a profession where she could combine her artistic skills with her love of baking. A former cake and cookie decorator for Wilton Industries, Amber now teaches cookie decorating classes and creates video tutorials. She will show you how to use royal icing to make beautifully decorated cookie creations using classic techniques and unique methods. You won’t believe the amazing piping, lettering, filigree, and lace work that can be done with icing! See this interview with Amber at Cookie Connection to learn more.
Susan Schmitt  •  The Painted Cookie
Like many decorators this SAHM started decorating cookies and designing cookie cutters while at home with her young sons. Over the next five years and many designs later Susan’s hobby had turned into a viable business named The Painted Cookie. Her home state Connecticut doesn't have a cottage law so in January 2013 Susan decided to take the plunge and open up shop in town with a small bakery kitchen. Come and learn about her journey from home bakery into an inspected kitchen. She’s excited to share her insight on creating and running a successful cookie decorating business and explore such topics as pricing, packaging, presentation, shipping, dealing with customers, and more! Learn more about Susan from this interview!
Anne Yorks  •  Flour Box Bakery
Anne started her cookie business – Flour Box Bakery – in 2007 when she left the "real world" to be a work-from-home mom and pursue her dreams of owning and operating her own company. A baker since a very young age, Anne is self-taught and has perfected her cookies and decorating techniques over years of trial and error. Excited to share the tips and tricks she has learned about royal icing, Anne will demystify the cookie decorating process. Learn about icing consistency, mixing colors, hand pressure, piping, flooding and so much more. Beginners are welcome! Learn more about Anne by reading this interview with her at Cookie Connection.
Myriam Sánchez  •  Chapix Cookies
Myri is a Mexican graphic designer, who feels joy creating with her hands and imagination since her childhood. She entered to the cookie world with the sole desire to decorate for her daughter Andy (Chapix), thus changing the course of her life designing sweet treats. Her characteristic technique with volume and textures, her vibrant use of color, attention to detail, and style has captured the hearts of many. She has won cookie decorating awards (including two awards in the Sugar Show at CookieCon 2012). Her creations have been featured in the book "1000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cakes & Cookies". Since 2011 she dedicates part of her time teaching classes in several countries. Myri will enjoy showing you how create special transfers like her characteristic "puffy" little people! Check out this interview with Myri at Cookie Connection to learn more.
Georganne Bell  •  LilaLoa
Georganne began her journey into sugar through cakes, but quickly switched to cookies when she moved to South Korea and discovered that her oven was the size of a bread box. Unable to find tools or even cookie cutters in Korea, she became best friends with innovation. Georganne made her own cookie cutters and mixed every hue imaginable with only 8 basic colors. Using the science of baking, she experimented until she had the perfect chocolate cookie roll out recipe and then shared it with the world on her blog, LilaLoa. Georganne will be sharing a her cool tricks and shortcuts along with mixing colors and color theory. Check out this interview with Georganne on Cookie Connection.
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