Rebecca started cookie decorating five years ago, because she wanted to use her gingerbread skills on smaller projects, but little did she know that cookies would soon be firing up her imagination and taking over her life! By day, she is an architect with her own small firm in Northern New York. At home she is a wife and a mom to two young boys. But late at night she gets to be an artist who expresses herself through the medium of decorated sugar cookies.

What started out as some birthday cookies for her oldest son was soon cookie art projects for fun and for friends. Her cookie work has been commissioned for publication in magazines and for art to commemorate events. She has had three jigsaw puzzles published by Springbok Puzzles featuring her cookie art. With a five year design degree for architecture and decades of experience in professional design, Rebecca loves teaching about creativity and design, especially in such a delicious medium!

Rebecca's CookieCon class title is Cookie Architecture: Building up your cookie inspiration, design and style. She will be discussing creativity & design, how to get and stay inspired, principles of design, and building and applying your own style.
Dany Lind
Dany's Cakes
Dany Lind started Dany's Cakes 16 years ago, and what started as a cake hobby for family and friends evolved into a passion for cookie art after her first cookie order in 2010. She has become known for creating elaborate sets of cookies that tell a visual story, full of emotion and texture. "I want to create sets that make my customers feel something with every cookie they take out of the box," she explains. "It's fun to try to create cookies that people don't want to eat, but then be glad they did!" Dany enjoys adding realism to her creations when appropriate, using 3D details and painting techniques to make images pop and make people question, "Is this really a cookie?"

When Dany is not making cookies or the occasional client cake, she can be found on football, baseball, soccer, basketball, track and Nordic-racing sidelines throughout New England with her three boys.

Dany will be teaching advanced cookie techniques including 3D effects & painting.
Angela Niño
The Painted Box
From painted canvases and boxes to edible art, The Painted Box decorates custom sets with watercolor, wafer paper, and hand made materials. Known for her watercolor technique and edible paints, she decorates utilizing the materials she creates and develops custom designs so that each customer has a unique set. Using leftover icing and wafer paper to create additional custom details is part of this creative process. It helps her to continue to think outside of the box and create organically. Sometimes the mistakes are what makes art amazing.

Angela will be teaching watercolor florals and how to make wafer paper roses.
Teri has always been one of those 'artsy' girls with a passion for whimsical design, painting, doodling and playing with people. After college she began a career in Art Therapy, married her longtime sweetheart and opted for the 'Stay at Home Mom'/Entrepreneur gig! For the next 20 years she contracted her faux painting and floral design skills to the Interior Design Community in Denver and baked cutesy sugar cookies for every school, kid-sporting event, holiday, church, charity and family function known to mankind.

With a desire to simplify, Teri launched tweets...cookie connection in 2012, using the cookie as her canvas and Home cookie parties for building connections with friends, organizations and community businesses. She is proud to define her artisanship from the great Cookiers' she has studied from at Cookie Con and is humbled by the design awards she has received from the Cookie Community!
Amy decorated her first cookie in the fall of 2011, after stumbling on decorated Thanksgiving turkey cookies online. She was currently teaching 7th grade science at a local middle school, but was completely absorbed into the world of cookies. Amy started receiving many requests to sell cookies, but the Maryland Cottage Law was very prohibitive. Her husband, lovingly referred to as "The Cookie Widower", built a commercial kitchen in their backyard so that she could profit from her love of cookie decorating. Amy hung up her teacher shoes after 15 years in the classroom, and Clough'D 9 Cookies (pronounced as "cloud-nine-cookies") was born. She still finds time to teach, via cookie tutorials on her blog. Between her cookie orders, she is mom to two boys on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

A three-time CookieCon veteran, Amy has won multiple awards for her Sugar Show entries. This year, Amy will be instructing on creative ways to add texture to cookie designs, including unique applications of royal icing, stenciling, exploration of piping tips, and accenting with sugar embellishments.
Little did Nicholas Lodge know that when he started training to become a pastry chef where this path would eventually lead him. The field of sugar art has transported him around the world, introduced him to Royalty and celebrities and has opened numerous doors to exotic locations that most people only dream about.

The author of over a dozen books and fifteen instructional DVD's, Nicholas teaches and demonstrates his unique skills around the world. Over the years his teaching tours have taken him to twenty-six different countries, and he has introduced sugar art into unlikely places such as India, China, and Fiji. He is internationally known, not only for his unique skills in sugar art, but also for the quality of his demonstrations and classes, at which he inspires enthusiasm in everyone who attends. This reputation has also involved him in judging sugar art events around the globe and as one of the original judges of Food Network, "Challenges" television series.
Lisa is the cookie decorator and blogger known as The Bearfoot Baker. She has been decorating cookies for many years, and started her blog in 2012. Her cute cookie style and generous personality have earned her thousands of loyal fans. Lisa lives in the beautiful foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, where she loves to photograph (and chase away!) all kinds of living creatures, including the bear that inspired her cookie name! In 2014, she published her first book, 100 Animal Cookies: A Super Cute Menagerie to Decorate Step-by-Step, which features the cute cookie versions of many of her furry friends. Lisa's fun, "Don't Wait! Let's Create!" attitude is infectious and inspiring.

Lisa will be teaching Cookie Foundations. This will be a Cookies 101, including how to get a smooth icing surface, dealing with common problems, icing consistency, and other basic (but essential!) cookie issues.
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